Event Venue Rental

Why Boonedogs is Your Go-To Lexington Party Destination

Hey, y’all! Got a special celebration coming up? Maybe a birthday bash, a family reunion, or even just a good old-fashioned get-together with friends? If you’re searching for that perfect spot to host your next shindig, look no further! Boonedogs is here to turn your party dreams into a reality!


How do I book a private event at Boonedogs?

Email us at hello@boonedogslex.com or call us at 859-554-6000

What types of events can be hosted at Boonedogs?

We’ve hosted just about everything. Birthday & office parties, sports team gatherings and fundraisers, bridal showers, club meetings and even weddings and rehearsal dinners.

Can Boonedogs accommodate large private parties?

Yes, we have plenty of room in our outdoor space.

What amenities are available for private events at Boonedogs?

We are very open to your ideas. We can accommodate your gathering outside or we have opportunities to rent the entire indoor space with access to our full bar and menu.

Is there a rental fee for using Boonedogs' space for private events?

No, we don’t require a rental fee. If you are interested in our entire indoor space we’ll discuss a minimum order to get you started.

Are there any special menus for private events at Boonedogs?

Usually we make our entire existing food and beverage menu available for your event. But we can discuss a limited menu as well. But we normally won’t add items we don’t currently offer.

How far in advance do I need to book a private event at Boonedogs?

To ensure we are all on the same page we recommend 2 weeks advance notice. If you just have a large group and want space outside feel free to call ahead the day before to make a reservation and see if we have space available.

Can Boonedogs cater to specific themes or decorations for private events?

With enough advance notice we can discuss how and if we can help.

What is the cancellation policy for private events at Boonedogs?

We need as much advance notice as possible. We usually have extra staff and food planned and will need advanced clear communication if anything changes.