about us

Our Story

Every great city usually has a great hot dog spot. Here in Lexington, we felt it was high time the hot dog got its due.

Boonedogs was conceived from a simple desire: to elevate what people think a hot dog is, into what a hot dog should be. Freak’n awesome. 

Boonedogs is more than just a restaurant—we’re continually exploring a new frontier of flavor, creating a fun space for live music and families, always adding to our very respectable Bourbon bar and have the best sunsets in Lexington. 

Grab some friends and take a drive out to Horse Country and see us. Cheers!

Co-founded by Tim and Jessica Jones, along with Hilary and Charlotte Boone.

Boonedogs co-founders Tim Jones, left, and Hilary Boone, both of Lexington, in front of the restaurant out Old Richmond Road

Our Philosophy

We really like taking items on menus that are overlooked and get really creative with it. Turn it into something unexpected and change people’s minds about what a hot dog can be.

This philosophy has led us to reimagine the hot dog, transforming it from a simple snack into a gourmet experience. 

More Than Just Food

While our gourmet hot dogs are the stars of the show, Boonedogs offers much more. Our outdoor area is a welcoming space for families and friends to gather, complete with games like cornhole and plenty of seating. 

Join Us

Boonedogs is located at 5902 Old Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY.

We invite you to join us on this exciting culinary journey as we redefine what a hot dog can be.