The Hound Dog

Lexington’s own Jif peanut butter and homemade bacon jam

Hot Brown Dog

Country ham, turkey, Mornay sauce, cheddar jack, bacon, tomato, parmesan cheese, chives

Brunch Dog

Pancake battered breakfast sausage, fried egg, spicy cheese grits, bourbon maple syrup


Almost World Famous Boonedog footlong

Kentucky Dog

Homemade chow chow, sport peppers, house pickles, tomato, “everything” seasoning

Atomic Dog

Cheddar Jack cheese, fried jalapeños, drizzle homemade chipotle mayo


Hickory bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo


Homemade bacon jam, country ham, pickled red onion, mustard

Pimento Dog

Homemade pimento cheese, bacon, fried green tomatoes, pickled red onion