Weller Bourbon Flights

Bourbon lovers, y’all in for a treat! We’re excited to share that we have Weller Bourbon Flight at Boonedogs. Dive into the world of fine bourbons with our carefully selected Weller flight featuring CYPB, 12 Year, Single Barrel, and Full Proof. The Weller Flight is $100 (subject to availability).

Each sip is a journey through the rich, smooth flavors that make Weller a legend in the bourbon world. Whether you’re a seasoned bourbon aficionado or just starting to explore, this flight is the perfect way to experience the variety and depth of Weller’s best.

So, gather your friends and come on over to Boonedogs. Savor these exceptional bourbons, pair them with our delicious eats, and soak in the cozy vibes of our spot.

Y’all don’t wanna miss out on this! See you soon for a bourbon adventure like no other!

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