Hot Dog Meetings

Hey there, Lexington folks! Tired of the same old sandwich at your desk? Looking to jazz up those routine lunch meetings? It’s time to ditch the office for a change and treat yourself and your team to something exciting. Boonedog’s has you covered.

  1. A Menu That Beats Boredom: Say goodbye to bland lunches! Our award-winning menu, featuring the nationally acclaimed Pimento Dog and a variety of other creative hot dog delights, is here to rescue you from the mundane. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?
  2. The Perfect Meeting Space: Need a cozy spot for your team meeting? We’ve got the perfect space for you. Our relaxed and friendly environment is ideal for both formal and informal gatherings. Call ahead to book our space for your next lunch meeting.
  3. Takeaway for Your Conference Room Feast: Can’t step out of the office? No problem! Order Boonedogs to go and turn your conference room into a feast hall. Whether it’s a team brainstorm or a client meeting, our flavors are sure to spark creativity and conversation.
  4. Convenient Hours for Busy Bees: We’re open Wednesday to Sunday, ready to serve you some delicious bites. Whether it’s a mid-week pick-me-up or a fun Friday treat, we’re here for you. Remember, we’re closed on Monday and Tuesday, so plan ahead to make your lunch meetings extraordinary!

At Boonedogs, we believe that a good meal can turn any day around. It’s not just about feeding your hunger, it’s about providing an experience that rejuvenates and inspires. Break away from the norm, and let’s make lunchtime something to look forward to!

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